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Lover of Art | Creator by Nature

Welcome!  I am Mai Kou Xiong better know as MK, the founder and owner of MKx8 Design.  I found my love for photography at a young age.  I received my first camera when I was five years old and ran with this camera for much of my childhood.  I did not recognize photography as a passion till much later in life although it was always a guarantee I was that face hidden behind a camera wherever I went. 
I am a photographer who still appreciates the pure form and art of photography.  Taking pictures with films and developing in darkroom.  There is something calming about the water dripping as you bring to life the image captured.  This is not to say I do not use or enjoy digital cameras.  I just believe there is a greater appreciation that stands when one takes on before the process of film developing.

MKx8 Design
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